Dress by eShakti. 

The picture in the background is a robot shooting lasers from its eyes at a dinosaur.

Katie Kiss

So I am kind of an artistic dilettante. I like a little of this and a little of that. I work in various modes, mediums, and sizes. I love vector art, mixed media, decoupage, painting, iphone instagram pics, and crochet. The one unifying factor in my work is a sense of whimsey.

I have been into making art since I can remember. My elementary school art teacher says she remembers that I always had dots on the end of my nose from the Mr. Sketch smelly markers. I went to Westminster College where I majored in Fine Arts. My final project was an installation where I painted a full dining room set (furniture, plates, et al) in the style of 30 great artists.

Most of my work is just for fun. Sadly, this is not my day job.

So this site is a compilation of work since 2010. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to get in touch through email or social media. I am always happy to have a conversation about art. Also, every piece that doesn't already belong to someone else is up for sale. Just get in touch and we can negotiate a price.