Did you find a post it note that looks like this? These are my Posthis. 

Posthis started as a fun project in 2010. I became obsessed with small things that go unnoticed and are temporary,  like a post-it note. I wanted to see what I could create in that small of a space and if anyone would find them. So I created a series of designs, had them printed on post it notes, and started leaving them around town. I take pictures of where I leave them and post them on social media. It has turned out to be the only source of my fan base (which mostly includes my parents and friends.)

So if you have found one of my Posthis, go ahead and follow my instagram* or twitter* (@katiekissart). You can see where else all these little notes hide.

* Please note that I don't separate my art from my real life. So in addition to seeing cool images of my Posthis you will also get loads of pics of disgustingly adorable children. I am warning you they are irresistible.